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Plain Dealing High School Dress Code Policy

Dress Code Policy

The school has the responsibility of maintaining an atmosphere conducive to learning in which the student can achieve his or her maximum potential.  The Bossier Parish School Board, Plain Dealing High School, and the Dress Code Committee believe that each student should use good judgment in total appearance so that the attention of others is not distracted from the purposes of the school and so that the educational process is not disturbed.

Students should come to school neat in appearance. Uniforms need to be kept in good condition and fit appropriately. If a uniform piece should tear or become un-sewn, it must be repaired or replaced before being worn again. Student dress will not be considered proper if it detracts from or disrupts the classroom and/or school decorum. The principal shall make the final decision of what is considered proper or improper appearance in accordance with the guidelines in the student handbook. Students are required to wear uniforms to school and will be expected to wear uniforms the first day of school. Students who are not in dress code will not be allowed to enter class.  It is the responsibility of the parents and/or students to purchase only uniforms that meet all the requirements of the school’s dress code.


TOPS: Tops approved for daily wear include red, white, or black polo short/long sleeve shirts; red, white, black oxford short/long sleeve shirts; Polo and oxford shirts may have a small manufacturer label on them. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Shirts must be long enough to stay tucked in when the arms are raised over the head. Undershirts may be short/long sleeve T-shirts or turtle necks with no writing on them.  Only approved spirit shirts and/or spirit uniforms may be worn.  All spirit shirts must be submitted by the school sponsor(s) and approved prior to being worn. All spirit shirts must originate from Plain Dealing High School and be purchased or issued from Plain Dealing High School. All other vendors’ spirit shirts are not approved to wear since the shirts did not originate at Plain Dealing High School.   


BOTTOMS: All students must wear only bottoms that are black or khaki in color. They should be a style worn at the waist and must have belt loops. Girls may also wear skirts, shorts, skorts, capris, and pants. Boys may wear shorts or pants. Pants must not drag the floor in a manner that destroys the pants by stepping or tripping on them or sag/fit below the hip bone. The length of skirts, skorts, and shorts must be no shorter than 4” above the kneecap. Absolutely no carpenter’s, painter’s, cargo, drawstring, corduroy, denim (or denim like), knit, “skinny” (tight fitting), or spandex bottoms are allowed.  When allowed to wear jeans on designated days, no skin should be showing.


BELTS:   All uniform bottoms must be worn with a belt.  Belts must be visible and buckled at all times.  Belts must fit all loops and no part of the belt may be hanging at any time.  Belts and belt buckles must not display any offensive wording or pictures.


SHOES: Style and color of shoes may be chosen by the student as long as they follow these guidelines: NO rubber, plastic, beach, shower shoes, or house shoes are allowed.  All shoes must have a secure back.  Shoes must be worn on campus at all times. Socks are not required; however, students may wear socks that coordinate with the uniform. Sock length can vary as long as they are at or below mid-calf.


JACKETS: Approved uniform jackets include the following: solid-colored navy jacket, solid-colored black jacket, solid-colored red jacket, “official” hoodie/jacket with school logo (sold by school only), approved spirit jackets, and letter jackets. Students may also wear solid navy, red, or black sweatshirts.  Approved hoodies and jackets that zip, button, or snap up may have a hood which can never be worn inside a building.  Coats or jackets may not exceed mid-thigh length.  Labels on jackets or coats cannot be larger than 2” X 2”. Uniform shirts must be worn under all outerwear. Non-uniformed jackets may not be worn inside the buildings.  Non-uniformed jackets worn inside will be confiscated and must be picked up from the school by a parent/guardian.  Students should not write on jackets, hoodies, and sweatshirts.



The following list is provided to assist in clarifying the dress code policy:

  1. Gang, sex, drug, and racist-related dress or symbols will not be allowed.
  2.  Items of apparel, jewelry, and cosmetics that detract from the instructional program or present a safety hazard are not allowed.
  3. Blankets are not approved or allowed for regular school activities.
  4. No caps, hats, stocking caps, sweatbands, visors, bandanas, doo-rags, or other head coverings are allowed. Do not bring these items on campus during school time.
  5. Students may not wear hair picks, combs, brushes, or hair rollers in their hair.
  6. No dental grills are allowed.
  7. Boys may wear stud earrings. 
  8. No sunglasses are allowed.
  9. No permanent or temporary inappropriate body piercing will be allowed at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, nose, tongue, eyebrow, and/or lip rings or studs. Students are not to wear straws or clear spacers to preserve the pierced hole nor will band-aids be allowed to cover the piercing.
  10. No detracting hairstyles or colors will be allowed.
  11. No exposed controversial tattoos are allowed.
  12. Boys may have facial hair as long as it is neatly trimmed and well-groomed. Boys are allowed to wear braids as long as braids are worn in a neatly groomed style.


Students are to be dress code compliant while riding on all school buses.


DRESS CODE VIOLATIONS:  The Administration reserves all rights of judgment on dress code violations.  Students who are out of dress code will be assigned lunch detention if the problem can be corrected immediately or sent to GASP until proper attire is brought to school. We are confident that uniforms have a very positive impact on our school.